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Our site offers a wide range of Celine Replica Handbags in style, high quality leather and special design, especially prepared for women with good taste and elegance. You have no need to burn a hole in your pocket just to buy a 1:1 Celine handbag. For people who want to own these excellent luxuries with limited money, they can consider buying affordable replica designer Celine bags. In modern society, buying AAA handbags has become a trend.

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Celine Medium Tri-Fold Shoulder Bag In Camel Calfskin
Now Price: $ 429.00List Price: $ 600.00View Details
AAA Celine Medium Tri-Fold Shoulder Bag In Wine Red Calfskin
Now Price: $ 427.00List Price: $ 555.00View Details
Celine Mini Belt Tote In Black Grained Calfskin
Now Price: $ 369.00List Price: $ 627.00View Details
Celine Mini Belt Tote In Black Pebbled Calfskin
Now Price: $ 361.00List Price: $ 577.00View Details
Celine Mini Belt Tote In Black Smooth Calfskin
Now Price: $ 367.00List Price: $ 660.00View Details
Celine Mini Belt Tote In Cream Smooth Calfskin
Now Price: $ 361.00List Price: $ 649.00View Details
Fake Replica Celine Mini Belt Tote In Gray Grained Calfskin
Now Price: $ 368.00List Price: $ 772.00View Details
Replica Replica Celine Mini Belt Tote In Green Grained Calfskin
Now Price: $ 361.00List Price: $ 758.00View Details
Celine Mini Belt Tote In Light Blue Smooth Calfskin
Now Price: $ 370.00List Price: $ 814.00View Details
Celine Mini Belt Tote In Light Gray Grained Calfskin
Now Price: $ 363.00List Price: $ 798.00View Details
1:1 Celine Mini Belt Tote In Red And Wine Red Smooth Calfskin
Now Price: $ 364.00List Price: $ 691.00View Details
Celine Mini Belt Tote In Red Smooth Calfskin
Now Price: $ 363.00List Price: $ 726.00View Details
1:1 Celine Mini Belt Tote In Royal Blue Smooth Calfskin
Now Price: $ 363.00List Price: $ 762.00View Details

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Celine Replica Handbags For Sale at replicahandbags99.com

Most iconic designer handbags have the same basic pedigree. Their parent house was founded in the late 19th or early 20th century, their breakthrough lines date back a generation or more, they've had at least one distinguished designer in charge of creative, and the trademark purse that put them on the fashion map has gone through decades' worth of iterations and remains their most identifiable product.

That's not the story behind replica Céline handbags.

Yes, the business was founded in 1945 – but originally as a shop selling custom shoes for children, not releasing a women's clothing line for nearly 25 years. Yes, Michael Kors was a creative director of Céline, but not until the 1990s when his tenure was short and unmemorable. Owning a black Céline bag was never any big deal.

The brand, in fact, was far from well-known until 2008 – when Phoebe Philo took charge of design. Over the following decade she turned a sleepy Paris design house (that many had described as “floundering”) into a powerhouse, and made the Céline bag one of the bright lights of the 21st century fashion world.

The Supersonic Growth of Céline Bags

Philo's vision for Celine was diametrically opposed to those of the houses she sought to compete with. She shunned overly-ostentatious designs and even signature logos. Instead, Céline bags would be identifiable by their unusual shapes and their lean (and sometimes whimsical) designs. The first Céline purses were the trapezoid-shaped leather Cabas, the small Classic with its beautiful brushed gold clasp – and the purse which would become the firm's first “iconic” product, the Céline tote known as the Luggage. The label “Céline Paris” is stamped near the top and barely distinguishable on some purses; there are no flashy icons or unusual design flairs. It is minimalist, impeccably-created, and pure beauty.

As soon as the Céline Luggage hit the runways and the arms of celebrities, it was a smash. Even at price tags in the thousands of dollars, the suddenly “It” Céline purse was sold out everywhere it was sold (at first, the number of outlets carrying the line was extremely limited and Céline waited years before giving into the pressure to open an online store). Today there are five versions of this exceptional Céline tote (nano, micro, mini, medium phantom, large phantom), and it is manufactured in more than a dozen leathers and even more colors, but it remains extremely difficult to purchase. The designer now has a website, but Céline Luggage models are not featured there.

The house has released a number of new lines since those early days, all received with great praise and demand that has been almost as impressive. Horizontal and clasp tote models of the Cabas, the compact Trotteur, the Classic Box, Frame Bags, and many versions of the elegant Tri-Fold and the Mini Belt Tote are all sought-after, highly-priced, and true to Philo's vision of clean lines, identifiable shapes and classic elegance. They are also all priced at levels befitting a high-end luxury purse which fashionistas now mention in the same breath as Hermès, Gucci and Prada without apology.

And the sleepy design house which in 2009 was grossing about $200 million in annual sales saw that number increase to half-a-billion dollars just three years later. Revenue and profits continue to grow rapidly and Céline is one of the biggest success stories of parent luxury group LVMH, which bought the company before its emergence as a fashion leader.

Can you easily purchase a Céline replica handbag? Sure, if you have the budget to pay thousands of dollars for one – and if you don't mind travel, inconvenience and often, disappointment.

Boutiques and Department Stores

You might think that visiting a store that carries the brand would be easy. Instead, it requires traveling to one of the handful of Céline boutiques or to the few upscale department stores which feature them. For example, the only Céline outlets in America are located in the wealthiest of the top-ten U.S. cities or their environs. If you live somewhere between the two coasts, you'll have to visit Chicago, suburban Detroit or Las Vegas (the exception to the top-ten rule). And the high-end stores which feature Céline purses only carry them in a few locations; Nordstrom, for instance, only offers Céline in California and Washington State.

We've mentioned that the fashion house finally has its own website. Unfortunately, you can't depend on finding the Céline handbag of your dreams there. The most desirable lines are seldom carried in the company's online site, and the pickings are even slimmer on the websites run by high-end department stores that sell Céline.

You can often find pre-owned Céline purses on luxury goods resale sites or in designer consignment stores. Once again, though, selection is slim, prices are often higher than retail, and you may not want a used Céline. As for auction sites – do you really want to trust a seller on eBay for merchandise like this?

There is another alternative, and it will save you a lot of aggravation. It will also save you a lot of money.

When a fashion house markets its products, there's a great deal of expense involved. Advertising and marketing, profit for retailers and the huge cost of maintaining outlets in exclusive shopping venues all add to the final price you pay. That's not the only reason Céline handbags are so expensive, but it's certainly a major factor.

Replica Handbags doesn't incur any of those costs, so none of them exist to be passed on to our clients. When you purchase an impeccably-designed and manufactured Céline purse from Replica Handbags, you pay wholesale prices for a stunning bag carefully produced according to the company's specifications and strict quality control guidelines. The crafting is perfect, starting with the stitching and moving all the way down to the placement and appearance of the discreet Céline name. Our designers and craftsmen spare no effort to create the Céline tote or handbag you've wanted for so long, and one that you'll be thrilled to wear.

We offer all of the major Céline lines in an enormous variety of materials, colors, patterns and styles, from the chic Tri-Fold Shoulder Bag to the stunning Mini Belt Tote – and you won't pay thousands, you'll pay hundreds. Every one of our replica Céline bags is priced under $500, with the majority costing less than $400.

They all come with our solicitous client service as well. We're delighted when we earn your business, so we provide free shipping and free repairs for all of our Replica Handbags, including our sophisticated and perfectly-created Célines.

At prices approximately 90% lower than retail – assuming you can even find one of these exquisite bags at retail – there's really no other choice for Céline purses than Replica Handbags.

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